Why you should run your Life like a Business.

Ever wonder why people seem to have it together in their Career but their personal life is a seems out of wack? or Vise versa. It’s a little known fact that the same Routines and Processes you use in the office actually boost you up tremendously when you implement them into your personal lives. These 3 main points will show you how to run your life like running a business.

Time Management

When you value your time a few things happen. Less of it gets wasted, you begin to make more out of your day and you get more out of life. When you’re a business owner, Time Management is crucial for running a Successful Business.

  • A big thing a lot of Successful people do is Block out their time. That means get a Calendar and start planning your day, even if you can’t entirely stick to it minute by minute. Have a set time frame to complete each task then move on to the next thing. Each time block is dedicated to that task so if a distraction comes up (excluding emergencies) then it will have to wait.

  • Wake up Early to get a head start on the day,

  • Start with your Morning Rituals, make your coffee, say your Mantras and Brush your teeth. Everything it takes to get you up and running.

  • Schedule Your Big Tasks and have those as your main focus, then take care of the Little stuff.

  • Use the Pomodoro Technique, the 52-17 Rule. We cannot over work our minds and bodies and just burn ourselves out. For every 52 minutes of work, take a 17 minute break.


    Ever wonder why Apple or Chick-fil-a are the most sought after for their services? Besides awesome technology and food, people are rushing to purchase from them because of their Brand. Apple has always been one of the greats at advertising with their ad’s that have amazing visuals and energy. Apple has branded themselves as the “high end” or luxury of Cell phones, their company just has that ring. Chick-fil-a is known for its amazing service and the way they treat their customers. So needless to say the way you present yourself and how you treat others will determine what you attract and how you will be viewed.

    • Be kind to people. Friends, Servers, or the person in the Check out line. If you want respect you must give respect. You don’t want the reputation of someone who’s always a “downer”, rude or problematic.

    • Set boundaries and stick to hem. If you are too passive people are not likely to respect you or take you seriously. Have respect for yourself because you are valuable and don’t let anyone treat or tell you otherwise. When being assertive always remember to deliver it in the envelope of Kindness, assertiveness doesn’t always go hand in hand with anger.

    • Don’t be involved with the wrong crowd. If they’re constantly getting you in trouble, talking bad about others, or getting in problematic situations. Then you’re probably creating a poor image for yourself. Even if you aren’t initiating it. Be involved with up lifting people, people who are optimistic and kind, this will move you forward in so many ways.

    • What ever you do, do it well. Apply yourself and work hard. There’s nothing that looks better than an amazing work ethic.


    • Be strategic with your Finances, make sure you’re budgeting and investing in the best way to get the most out of your income.

    • Have multiple Streams of income so if one fails you have a cushion to get you back on track.

    • Always look for new opportunities to grow you're income/s.

    • Pay off outstanding debt and stay far away from getting into anymore.

    • Don’t forget to pay your self after savings. Don’t go over board with “treating” yourself but you can’t forget to reward yourself every now and then.

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