The Tea on Thrifting like a Pro!

Adulting is hard. $100 now feels like $10 and you only get to “treat yourself” with a new outfit every now and then because let's face it, it costs money to get the name brand stuff. But what if I told you that you could find the name brand and high end clothing by Thrifting? Yep, that’s right. Thrifting. And guess what? Finding a good Vintage piece is like finding rare gems. Not everyone is going to have the same one, and the style is unique! Below I’m going to give you the Tea on how to be a pro-thrifter and find those hidden gems. 

Chain Thrift Stores

This one is a no-brainer, stores like GoodWill and The Salvation Army are pretty common for finding some good second hand pieces. But the Tea is to make sure you’re going to the more “High End” locations for the best clothing, you’re more likely to find Vintage name brand pieces from wealthier communities. (Also, you don’t want to take from middle-low class neighborhoods where there’s actually people in need of cheap used clothing.)

Consignment and Online Shops

You can find great deals on Second Hand Fashion that is already Cleaned and Styled by Consignment shops and Online Peer-to-Peer lending (like DePop, ThredUP, Poshmark). It may be a little more costly due to the supplies and the hard work Thrifters do to make sure those pieces are ready to wear, but it's definitely worth it!

An Ex-GoodWill employee shared her secrets on saving big at Thrift stores. 

Employees price the products at the end of the day, so this means you need to be the first one at the door to get your hands on the good stuff. As they say, the early bird gets the worm! 

Also, keep up to date with your Thrift Store of choice and find out their big Sale days. Yep, discount on top of a Discount.


Goodwill also has outlets, stores with huge bins full of second-hand stuff. You have to dig through these big bins, so make sure you bring your gloves and sanitizer. The secret is to shop from back to front, because the bins in the front are the bins that every customer rushes to first. To find those hidden gems you have to get dibs on the uncharted territory! 

Don't Skip over the Quirky Pieces!

Sometimes the odd-ball pieces make a great and photo-ready outfit. Don't skip The Ruffles, Shoulder pads, or Lace. It might just be the hidden gem you were looking for!

Don’t forget the Men’s Section!

The Men’s section is a gold mine for finding oversized Sweaters, Vintage T-Shirts, and Sweatpants. But if you are a Petite Queen, then check out the “Boys” section for those Smaller Sizes. 

Wear clothes that are easy to layer over

Due to COVID19 a lot of stores are open but dressing rooms are closed and regardless, most Thrift Stores don’t have dressing rooms to prevent things from being stolen. So wear tight fitting clothing that way you can throw over a sweater or a shirt that you’re looking to buy.

Don’t be afraid to Bargain! 

Some places will let you negotiate down a price! If you find a nice pair of vintage name brand shoes, don’t be afraid to ask for a deal. The worst they can say is no! 

Spill the Tea down in the Comments on some Thrifting tips that have worked for you!


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