The Tea on Taking your own Head Shots.

Photographers provide us a good way to get Professional Head Shots for our LinkedIn Profiles, and for potential employers to get a good look at us. But no doubt Photographers can be expensive and given the current circumstances it may not even be possible to book someone.

Here are some good ways to set up your own Photo shoot.

  • If you’re using your Phone get a friend, a tripod or something sturdy to prop your phone on that would be facing directly towards you and your background.

  • Turn on Portrait Mode that way it automatically sets the focus on you and blurs your background. Use the Natural or Studio setting.

  • Use a plain background, nothing that would take the attention away from you.

  • If you don’t have props for lighting, use as much Natural light as you can. Outside lighting is usually best between 11am-3pm.

  • Set a Self timer, or go into the Settings in your phone - Accessibility - turn on Voice Control - Go to Camera - Say “Tap Take Picture” and it will take the photo for you Hands Free.

  • Don’t be too “Glam” with your make-up. Keep it cute and simple.

  • Make sure you face up and into the Camera to show off your Confidence.

  • Use a touch up app to blur the background and add the “Vignette” feature to put you more in the focus of the photo.


I hope this helps! I’d love to see the headshots you come up with. Upload them to your Instagram story and tag @Thegooodtea !

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