The tea on making 2021 your b*tch.

2020 pretty much hit us all where it hurts, and definitely left its mark. On the bright side, we made it to a new year, and today were talking about taking this new year by the reigns and using it to our advantage.

Cutting our Comfort Zones.

 This year, we are not being limited by our comfort zones. In 2020, I paid for a FIRST CLASS plane ticket to Chicago for my mom's 41st birthday, but my crippling anxiety and severe fear of flying stopped me from getting on the plane. Yes, I missed my flight and my whole trip. Anxiety is no joke, so I'm getting the help I need to get over those fears and get out of being "safe" and comfortable. But a lot of fears manifest in different forms, and a lot of times its fear of failure.

If you've been thinking about starting your own business, moving to a new place, creating a YouTube channel, traveling, etc.. But you're afraid you'll fail, this your sign to conquer those fears and DO IT. We are not being held back by fear or comfortability this year.

Let me just say, there is no bad outcome of you chasing your dreams. Failure isn't a sign to give up, it means there's a lesson to be learned for you to move forward. There may be times where you have to go back to the drawing board, but if you stay consistent and be open to learning you will accomplish and conquer anything.

This year I will be making 2021 and airplanes my b*tch, there will be no missed trips.

We're holding ourselves Accountable in 2021.

It's easy to blame the economy and the universe for "bad luck", but let me just tell you, you have the power to determine your outcomes and it starts by holding yourself accountable. I am NOT saying to be hard on yourself, because let's be honest, that is usually counterproductive. What I'm telling you to set yourself up for success (whatever that means to you) and to ensure you don't give up when things get tough.

We're staying connected with ourselves.

 A good way to keep yourself from giving up is to remember your "Why", and consistently reminding yourself the reason of why you're pursuing this goal or change. Find your "why" by journaling and connecting with yourself, write down your visions and goals and get yourself in the mindset to start setting your intentions. Maybe you want to be healthier, financially free, or more spiritual, whatever it is start by writing it down.

Journaling also helps you keep track of your progress and growth, it's fun to look back and see how far you've come.

 Having a strong support system.

The notion that you have to take on the world and hold yourself accountable ALL by yourself is bogus. Of course don't tell all of your big plans to everyone on social media or the whole group chat, but definitely keep your closest and trusted people in on your goals so they can help keep you accountable in reaching them. There are a couple major points to this, 1. Speaking your goals aloud help bring them to life. 2. It's so good to surround yourself with supportive and uplifting people to encourage you and to learn from along your journey.

Start preparing in advance.

Look, I'm new to this myself. I just recently started laying out my clothes the night before a meeting and meal prepping a week in advance, and I can tell you it is a game changer. Remember when we used to set our clothes out the night  before a really fun field trip? Well do that, except for Adulting. It saves you so much time in the morning and relieves your mind of decision fatigue so early in the day.

Being prepared is being ahead of the game. Get a planner, start using your calendar and reminders, and start holding yourself accountable.

Start taking that budget seriously.

Okay, I know we love treating ourselves but it's time to start taking that budget seriously (or start creating a budget). You are never going to reach financial abundance if you keep blowing your money, plain and simple. Start that savings account and investing account and cut out the Starbucks and shoe shopping for a while. Start showing the universe that you are responsible with your money (along with your other money mantras) so you may start attracting more of it.

(and check out my blog on how to budget like a boss)

And for the most and cliché of them all, dream and think HUGE and truly believe in you. You are capable and you can achieve whatever you go after in life.

Thank you for reading, I'd love to discuss your 2021 plans if you need someone to talk about it with. <3

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