The Tea and Tips on Moving to a New State!

Looking for a fresh start? Moving to a new state is both scary and exciting, I know first hand. Here is how I moved 850 miles from my hometown to my new home in Florida alone.

Do your research!

When moving to a new state you want to make sure you do your research on all of the different areas. Before I moved I made sure I knew where the sketchy areas were and where the safer areas were.

  • Research the population and the average traffic conditions, also if it’s a place that uses tolls. I know a lot of states have these, but where I come from there aren’t any tolls on the highways. So it was very strange to see I had to pay before I got on and off the expressway. I’ve adjusted my routes and budget around tolls and it works out fine, although it would’ve been nice to know ahead of time.

  • When hunting for Apartments I found was very helpful, or if you could stand getting a roommate is the place to go. has rooms for rent in every state and city and majority of them are really great Quality. When I fist moved to Orlando, I met someone on Roomies and moved in with her for the first 6 months in my new state. It helped me save money and I ended up gaining a good friend.

Finding a Job

If you’re not coming down for a job transfer and simply a new start then here’s where to look for a job before heading down.

  • Linked In Premium - Linked in is a great way to connect with other professionals and find places with open positions all over the country. It gives you a free Month of use to reach out to recruiters and companies that are hiring for positions.

  • Indeed - A lot of companies use Indeed to post for open positions, it is refreshed hourly and has positions for almost every field. You may not land the top paying position here, but its great if you need something fast.

  • ZipRecruiter - Sort of like Indeed, you create a online resume and submit it to hundred of hiring companies. Great way to land an interview if you’re looking to fill a position quickly.

Having a job landed before you move will simplify things for you. Let the recruiters know that you’re available for Video Chat and Phone call interviews.


Moving can be expensive so the first thing to do is create a budget and cut down tremendously on spending.

  • Determine how much stuff you’re bringing with you. Try to sell as much as you can to leave your load as light as possible. But If you have Large things you need to move, consider renting a U-Haul or hiring movers.

  • Consider the costs for Gas for heading to your new state, vehicle maintenance, food and snacks for the road, and a fund encase you have an emergency or Break down.

  • Try to have 3-5 times your monthly living expenses in a savings, especially if you’re moving with out a job lined up.

Take The Leap!

The longer you wait the more reasons your brain will come up on why you should keep holding off. Like I said moving can be scary but the life or opportunities you’ve always wanted could be on the other side of that move. Don’t waste anymore time, put a plan together and Go!

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