Getting rid of your Fear of Failure.

A lot of times people love to place the blame on external things in their lives rather than looking internally at the problem. They let fear, doubt and self sabotage get in the way of accomplishing their goals, and it shows in the excuses for the reason why they couldn’t get it done. How to stop making excuses and start crushing your Goals? Keep reading and I’ll break it down! 

Fear is one of the biggest poisons to our Success. Whether it’s going into business for yourself, buying a property, or taking on a new project. People get fearful that they’re going to fail or that they won’t get it done correctly, that they’ll just fail and fall on their face. I’m here to tell you that none of that is true. Whatever you put your focus and dedication is where you’re going to get results, whether that be in accomplishing goals or staying stagnant because of your negative mindset. 

Ways to deal with that negative little voice? Cut it off in mid-sentence. Once you start thinking “I could never do this” cut it off right in the middle by telling yourself “this thought is not reality, it is just a thought”. You have to step outside of your thoughts and realize they are not your reality until you allow them to be. You have the power to observe your thoughts and let them go, not let them consume you. Practicing this mindfulness will keep your fears and negative thoughts out of your way while on your journey. Meditating, Writing down your goals and Affirmations will help reduce those intrusive thoughts.

Recondition your mind. It’s time to let go of any toxic or negative conditioning. Not everyone is going to believe in your dreams, but just because someone told you that you couldn’t do something or maybe you’ve never seen it done in real life, does not mean it can’t be done.10/10 people only put others down that they see as a threat or they’re simply projecting their own personal insecurities on you. What people say to you or about you is not reality and you have the choice in what becomes of you, not anyone else. To change up the energy around you start surrounding yourself with encouraging and uplifting people. Be selective in the people you choose to have around, because though you are in control of your life, the environment you are surrounded by will eventually seep in.

Finally, The Biggest part of Killing your Fear is to simply take the leap (Even though it doesn’t feel all that Simple). Almost every person who has made it to any level of success got started before they were ready. You could do research and read all day and night but the best way to learn is by experience. Even if you fail the first time or even the second, you have to take what you’ve learned from those failures and do it again until you get it right. The key is not to give up. 

Fear is a natural human instinct, but you can tame the beast and get to where you want to be. 

Success is about creating a higher version of yourself, and you only reach the end of your potential when life as you know it is over. So Start that Business, Apply that Position, Ask for that Raise, Leave that Toxic Relationship. I believe in you, now it’s your turn.

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