Gen Z and Young Millennial's are caught is a massive unemployment crisis, and the result of it will reshape everything.

Our young Americans have been caught in a whirlwind of different crisis's, from a full on pandemic to massive lay off's and unemployment. Even myself, a bright eyed 23 year old moving to the state I've always wanted to live in, and then boom, complete shut down. The results of this pandemic has destressed the whole world in more ways than one, but our young people of the world are taking action to make change and reshape the future of employment and over all life.  

Gen Z is feeling the most impact from the unemployment spike. 

Remember a year ago when it was hard to land the position you really wanted due to lack of experience? Well, now it’s the same situation but with less positions available due to the COVID19 pandemic forcing businesses to shut down and causing mass lay-offs across the country. 

In April of 2020,the unemployment rate for Gen Z was 27%, with millennials trailing behind with a rate of 14.7%, making it nearly impossible for high school and college graduates to land the jobs or paid internships in the field they studied for. This put an even heavier burden on a generation that is already facing an affordability crisis that was a result of The Great Recession in 2009.

Ditching the traditional 9-5. 

Gen Z and Young Millennial's are usually deemed as “Entitled” or “Lazy”. Though it is be agreeable that the youth have a much different work ethic than the older generations, the truth is they’re reshaping the way America “works” as a whole, and it's for the better.

With apps like Tik Tok and Instagram and an infinite amount of information at our fingertips through the worldwide web, the younger generation is taking it upon themselves to learn skills and ditch the traditional “9-5” teaching themselves trades through the internet and starting their own businesses. 79% of young millennials and 30% of Gen Z have surveyed to take a different route than a 4 year college degree with the goal of being debt-free and pursuing a purposeful life through entrepreneurship or freelancing.

Becoming People Focused. 

Starting a business may be in, but even the young Americans who’ve decided on the 9-5 route are making an impact and changing the way companies treat their employees. By demanding more flexibility for time off, better pay, and an overall better work life balance, companies are beginning to shift their focus to their employees and  beginning to provide them “Me Time”  which the employee can use to take mental health days, meditation time, or just time for themselves. This may seem like entitlement to the older generations, but it is proven that productivity is higher when employees aren’t getting burnt out by their work.

Making an impact to reshape company policies. 

More and more companies continue to see progress from being more flexible with their employees due to the demands of our young Americans. There are more employee centered policies being implemented, and we have our Gen Z and Young Millennials making the change on reshaping how America works. 


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