The Tea on making your LinkedIn profile Stand out.

Just like other major Social Media platforms, LinkedIn is a great way to keep up with your colleagues, partners, and friends. But it stands out in many ways, if you use it correctly you can grow an amazing web of professional connections, see job postings, and get contacted by recruiters. The connections are like “friend requests” and can open numerous doors and opportunities for you and your career. Here’s how to make a LinkedIn Profile that stands out and how to make meaningful connections.

Set up a profile that stands out.

  • Use a professional photo as your profile picture, preferably a professionally taken headshot.

  • Upload a photo for your header. Your header is like your “banner” and its going to give the feel for your profile. Use a motivational quote, an accomplishment, or an indication about what you do. What ever it is make sure it’s professional and gives off a good message.

  • Include a bio or a description about what it is that you do in the professional world. LinkedIn will often give you a template to use once you fill out your job history.

  • Include your Job and College history in detail with dates and a description. Make sure to tag the institution so the logo appears. This gives a clean look to the lay out.

  • Include your skills, languages and accomplishments.

  • Send Connection requests to your colleagues, that way they can Endorse your skills and accomplishments, this gives a good trust worthy look to potential employers or recruiters that you’re about your business.

Making Connections.

  • You will get Connection Suggestions, I recommend sending requests to people in fields you’re currently in, want to join, prospect or learn about.

  • Look up major companies you’re interested in, you never know if you’ll come across a recruiter who could assist you in getting your dream job.

  • Send a little greeting with your request, this will show you’re not just requesting any tom, dick or harry and that it’s sincere.

  • Introduce your self and follow up once they accept. This is perfect to learn for about their field or what they do.

Keep your Connections updated.

  • Post often, keep the engagement up and interact with your connections.

  • If you get an accomplishment or promotion update it in your profile, LinkedIn keeps track of these things for you and it remains on your profile as long as you want it to.

  • Promote your business, products and services. Let your connections know what you do, they may be a potential prospect or have fellow connections in the same field that may be able to give you a new referral.

The tea is, don’t over look these Platforms because all of your friends don’t use them. A platform like this could give you major career advancements, information and connections to skilled people in and outside of your field. Once you’re logged in, look us up!